Why Inspirit

Inspirit means enlivening and to encourage. Our belief is that nutrition can be made practical and accessible for any lifestyle. Our bodies require vital nutrients to function at their optimal levels, while removing environmental toxins. Juices and cleanses work miraculously, but the process itself is fragmented. So, Cleansing has to be simple, nutritious and customizable to everyone’s needs and goals.

A bottle of Inspirit juice has almost two pounds of good fruits, vegetables and super foods for your body and is refreshing in an efficient way. It is delivered at your doorstep, free of charge. All our juices are sugar, preservatives and color free and are not pasteurized or processed.


Why do we need cleanse? Doesn’t human body detoxify naturally?

It’s true that inbuilt detoxification system of human body is working constantly but over the years by leading a highly busy life, consuming processed food or alcohol, environmental pollution (air, water) takes a toll on our health and burdens our digestive system. So to regain that long lost vitality, we should give our digestive system a rest and detoxify our body from all the waste which gets accumulated in our body and prevents healthy functioning of internal system.

Being healthy is the biggest happiness in life and Cleanse is necessary to maintain a healthy life style. It not just helps in getting rid of toxin but also makes you feel rejuvenated and alive.


Can everybody opt for an Inspirit Cleanse?

Our juices, cleanse and nut mylks are good for all ages from children to elders. However, we suggest that pregnant women, Lactating mothers, toddlers and people with specific allergies should consult a dietician/physician for sustained use.


Does it help in losing weight?

Our juices or cleanses are not designed for losing weight. Our purpose is to motivate you to make your health a priority in your life and make it a habit. Cleansing on a regular basis will help to restore natural balance and enhance your shape. Weight loss will come as a bonus in the process of detoxifying your body.


How am I going to feel while on cleanse?

It all depends on your existing health status. People who intake highly processed or junk food on regular basis might find it difficult and feel restless throughout the day on their first one day cleanse. Regular tea or coffee drinker might get headache and craving to withdraw from cleanse. Some finds it great as they feel lighter and lively throughout the day. The symptoms will vary from individual to individual. When you are on cleanse for the first time, there are some standard cleansing symptoms that you might face like headaches, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea or frequent visits to the bathroom.


What if I feel hungry?

People usually don’t feel hungry whilst on an Inspirit Cleanse because there are ample nutrients to keep you satiated but even if you really feel hungry or low you can have a cup of broth or raw salad to get you through to your next juice. Holding off on eating and letting the body go of unwanted toxin will nourish and heal your system.


Does it compromise on fibre value?

When you are on an Inspirit cleanse, the idea is to cleanse, revitalize and restore the minerals and necessary vitamins. By removing the fibre, your body has absolutely nothing to digest and can easily absorb all those beneficial plant nutrients.


Do I get my protein from the juices?

All the juices that we prepare are derived from raw and fresh fruits/vegetables, and all the protein comes from plants. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are present in all foods.


Is exercising allowed while on cleanse?

We recommend light exercises like stretching, gentle yoga forms, walking etc. It is required to move your body a little bit while on cleanse. Get loads of fresh air as well.


How often should one cleanse?

We recommend one day cleanse once a week or three day cleanse twice a month. To prolong the benefits of juices, incorporating cold pressed green juices into your daily routine is a great way to maintain and boost daily nutrient levels. Making it a part of your life style will bring along many health benefits and will help to be more on the alkaline side of life internally.


Can I cleanse if I am /pregnant/diabetic/taking medication or antibiotics?

Consult your physician for advice.


Which cleanse should I opt for to get started?

It depends on what your goals are. Our Cleanses are designed to let you choose from any of our three variants. If you want an internal body cleanse opt for start smart, if you need to feel active and fit use the fighting fit and if you are looking to get your skin and hair in order try the flawless beauty. Like anything, cleansing yields best results when approached over a period of time. Set a schedule and stick to it.


Is it important to eliminate during a Cleanse?

Yes it’s important to eliminate two to three times per day but most of us do not. Bowel movement can typically slow or increase during a Cleanse. It’s all good for keeping things moving and effective, so drink loads of water each day.


Are all your juices safe and bottle BPA free?

All of our bottles are BPA toxin free and completely recyclable. If you would like to recycle your bottles, please mail us at ………… and we will have them picked from your doorstep. Help us in reducing our carbon footprint.


How do I know that my juices are spoilt?

If the juice bottle is bloated or the juice is fizzing or smells acidic, then it has turned bad. If the juice is exposed to heat and humidity or they are past their shelf life then it will get spoilt. Keep your juices cool & refrigerated at all times and shake well before use.


Are your juices/nut mylks organic?

We try our best to buy all the fruits/vegetables from HCAAP certified vendors& local farmers. Unfortunately most produce is not available as certified organic. Our goal is always to choose the best produce for its rich nutrient makeup. All our juices are FSSAI approve.


Can I have your juice recipes?

Sorry, we don’t give that out.


What to eat post-cleanse?

Chew your foods well and slowly for better digestion. Don’t overeat and introduce more healthy food items in your day to day life.


Can I drink coffee/tea while on Cleanse?

Nope, Caffeine is a substance that is metabolized by our liver. This means that the liver must perform extra work to safely package and remove caffeine’s compounds from our bodies. Ingesting caffeine will therefore give your body additional work to do and could potentially limit the overall effectiveness of the Cleanse.


Isn’t fasting and cleansing the same thing?

The traditional definition of a fast is to go without any food or water but in cleanse you are hydrating and giving your body all the necessary minerals, vitamins, enzymes and alkaline properties and detoxifying waste.


What is the difference between the juices that we get in the market/prepare at home in juicers and cold pressed juices prepared by Inspirit?

There is a simple logic behind it. How can a pack of juice, which sits on a shelf for few months and claim to be fresh? In the same manner, household juicers or blenders involve a high-speed rotating blade or strainer which create heat and cause oxidation which kills vital nutrients. Our cold-press technology generates no heat and involves minimal exposure to air, so living enzymes are preserved in the juices and allows you to get the maximum nutrient benefits.


How is a 3 days Cleanse beneficial?

Absolutely! A three day cleanse is meant to get you through all the sickness your body might be feeling because of accumulated toxin. The outcome is an energized and new you to get set for your regular busy life. A longer cleanse is awesome if your body is starting to show signs of breaking down and of course before or after a holiday is helpful.


Your juices taste/look different to the last time I tried them, has something changed?

Fruits and vegetables vary with changing seasons and have seasonal influences resulting in different colours and tastes at time. We procure them as fresh as possible and always keep the taste and colour natural in the juices and do not use artificial sugar, preservatives or colours.