Home Delivery

We deliver the juice to your door or office between 7am -11am just as your day begins in the City of Joy, Kolkata

Delivery Time

Every morning – 7am – 11am (7days /week)

Our delivery system

We have a last mile delivery system and a team of professionals working hard to bring your fresh and chilled juices every day of the week. We deliver within Kolkata jurisdiction only.

Delivery Policy

The minimum order for free delivery on this website is Rs. 450/- within the Kolkata pin codes only.. Please browse thru our “Juices & Nutmylks” section to select your preferences.

Orders received before 10 am will be delivered the next day between 7am to 11am. For e.g. If you order on Thursday before 10am, we will deliver your juice on Friday morning between 7am to 11am. For fresh/ new orders starting delivery on Monday all orders should be made by Saturday 10am. We will automatically deliver already subscribed /subscription /cleanse packages as per schedule. This is to give time off to our dedicated juicers too.

We strive to deliver all juices between 7am and 11am. We will try to make sure all cleanse packages are delivered within 8am for your early morning start. However, we can’t guarantee fixed time for delivery. We can’t foresee heavy rain, traffic difficulties, law and order issues, agitation and bandhs as they are out of our control. In case of threat to our delivery professionals we will reschedule delivery.

Kindly make sure, that you provide all details pertaining to your address while placing your orders. These details should include full name, address, flat no, building name, nearest land mark, full pin code, mobile no and email id. We also request you to inform your security guard of the delivery schedule so that we can deliver your juices on time, fresh and chilled. This will help us in reaching other patrons on time. We will deliver the juice to your security in case of delays in access to your building / flats.

We follow a route based delivery system to reduce our carbon foot print and efficiently deliver juices on time. We will not be able to redeliver your juices after we have tried before. No requests for refund can be entertained on this.

Refund Policy

Request for cancellation of confirmed orders will have to be made 48 hours from the scheduled delivery.