Order our new 200ml cold pressed Inspirit coolers to provide you a relief during the scorching summer!!  Small & easy to fit into your busy schedule, our signature coolers provides hydration, boosts body function, increases energy while making you look and feel lighter and brighter. It’s a good introduction to cold pressed technology.

    Our 5 combinations give your body nutrition & hydration during the hot summer days while keeping a great balance on taste making it a must try for everyone at home.

    Minimum order for a single delivery starts at Rs. 375/- for our delicious, hydraulically pressed coolers whatever the combination. So order away and enjoy the coolers with your friends, family and children during this summer season. Our coolers maintain their full nutritional value & taste for all three days and we transport our coolers in insulated & eco-friendly bags delivering to your doorstep free of charge and chilled. 

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