Cleanse Guidelines

Pre Cleanse Diet - Avoid consumption of tobacco/alcohol for a few days before starting the Cleanse. Start intake of light food ahead of your Cleanse program, avoid red meat and fatty foods, include fruits and vegetables in your diet and keep active.

During the Cleanse - Try and keep yourself stress free. Don’t worry if you are hungry / dizzy or frequently going to the toilet, it’s your body flushing out the toxins and is on clean and repair mode. You should not eat processed food during a Cleanse but if you feel you need more, supplement with raw salads or broth, a light liquid diet and keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Post the Cleanse diet - Bask in the glow, eat light and make it a habit to cleanse periodically.


Our juices and Nut Mylks are good for all ages from children to elders. However, pregnant women, lactating mothers, toddlers and people with specific allergies are recommended to consult a dietician/physician for sustained use.

All our Nut Mylks are good for consumption for lactose intolerant infants and adults.