Cleanse. Care. Cure

Every day we ingest substances through processed food, polluted water and air that are potentially harmful for our system. Fortunately, the body has the capacity to deal with this problem. The body rids itself of metabolic waste and chemical irritants through various eliminative systems. But modern lifestyle is such that our internal mechanism is burdened by 24*7 work cycle. Though many people think that the solution to better elimination is to simply take a laxative (herbal or otherwise), to regain that long lost vitality, we should give our digestive system a rest and detoxify our body and mind from all the waste which gets accumulated in our body and prevents healthy functioning of the internal system.

This is exactly where Inspirit Cleanse helps. We are essentially India’s first cold pressed juice company to focus the entire line of juices and Nut Mylks based on Cleanses. Our Cleanses are designed by expert nutritionists and health experts to help you understand your body better and is designed to help you in achieving your personal goals, whether it is cleansing your internal system, looking and feeling better or being active and fit at all times. It removes the toxins and helps your body feel lighter, fitter and better. A natural by product is a healthier mind too. So rejuvenate with Inspirit.


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