Holistically cleansing…the Cold Pressed way

The essential way to live life is by being stress free, eating healthy and staying healthy. But in a time when even 24 hours seem less, this is easier said than done. With Inspirit, we have not just come up with better choices for healthy living, but have also made healthy living easier and available at your fingertips.

Our Cold Pressed juices not just cleanse your body but give it the much needed holistic healthy boost. So it’s time to say no to unhealthy choices and ‘Be Inspirited’.

Our Offerings

Freshness defines our products. With a diverse product basket which comprises a complete range of pure and fresh Cold Pressed juices to Nut Mylks, (great for lactose intolerant people), designed and developed by nutritionists and experts to help you reboot body and mind on a daily basis with nature’s best fruits, vegetables and super foods, our products are a tried and true way to cleanse you inside out. We cater to all ages including children.

Cold Pressed Juicing Vs Conventional Juicing

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Nature at Your Fingertips

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YOUR Benefits

  • Healthy BENEFITS

    The Juices and Nutmylks provided are raw and fresh. No chemicals, colors or sugar are added. Our products are unpasteurized. It’s all natural and healthy.
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  • Source of the Juice

    We procure fruits and vegetables are brought from local farmers, which helps us reduce the carbon footprint. Lactose intolerant people can also have our Nutmylks.
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  • Freshly Produced

    We produce the juice everyday in the morning to make sure they are delivered to you fresh and pure.
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  • Freshly Delivered

    We deliver the juice on the day of production between 7am and 11am. These juices remain fresh for only 72 hours after production.
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  • HACCP & FSSAI Approved

    Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points ensures safety of consumer food products. All our products follow the HACCP guidelines.

We Care

  • All our bottles are made from recycled plastic and are BPA free.
  • Our bottles are completely recyclable. So, help us in reducing our carbon footprint by giving the bottles for recycling.
  • We also offer credit points for the bottles returned. We will give you one credit point for one juice bottle returned and a score of 150 points will ensure you a free delivery of any one Juice/ NutMylk of your choice. We will not be able to take less than 30 bottles from you at one go to avoid more pollution from carrier vehicles.
  • Please note we don’t re-use the bottles for hygiene purposes.
  • We are using all the pulp as fodder and manure in nearby fields & public gardens.
  • We distribute the extra/ unused juices to charities & institutions before they go bad. Connect with us if you would like to recycle your bottles or have opinions on how to improve further. Mail us at care@inspiritcleanse.com.

For corporates, catering parties, consulates and other wholesale deliveries please mail us at info@inspiritcleanse.com or contact us on 8820208080